Ho.Re.Ca and Large-scale Retail frozen bakery products

Established in Forlì as a family-run business in the early 1960s, the Bassini 1963 bakery has a history that speaks of respect for tradition and genuine, selected ingredients, but also of innovation and research.
Thanks to a daily commitment based on passion and constant care throughout the production process, the Bassini 1963 brand is able to satisfy the most demanding customers while maintaining the distinctive character of quality and craftsmanship.

The creation of a bakery department within supermarkets and hypermarkets is a growing trend in the Large-scale Retail channel. It is a differentiating element capable of transmitting value and authenticity to the store, two aspects increasingly sought after by customers. Bassini 1963 responds to the needs of this market with an offer of bulk frozen bakery products for self-service bakery departments.

The range of products in the catalogue does not stop at frozen bakery products and parbaked bread for the large-scale retail trade: our desire to innovate has led us to create a B2C line for the frozen food shelf.

The wide range of frozen bakery products of the Bassini 1963 brand interprets the needs of large-scale retailers thanks to an offer of frozen bulk bread with different service contents: baked, parbaked and unbaked.


Panini, Long roll bread, Bocconcini, Pane all'Acqua®


Flatbread in the pan, Roman flatbread, Apulian flatbread, Little flatbread

Pizzas and Bases

Pizzas, Mini pizzas, Pizza slices, Pizza bases, Pizza dough

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